We're your scalable, end-to-end remote monitoring solution

Choose from a variety of easy-to-display sensors that connect wirelessly to a single gateway to create a custom solution that answers the operational needs of your business and allows you to build on your investment.

Select and combine a wide range of sensor applications

  • Temperature
  • Leak
  • Motion
  • Desk Occupancy
  • Soil Moisture
  • People Counter
  • Alert Button
  • Survey
  • Open/Close
  • Room Occupancy
  • Bin Level
  • Parking

A turn-key solution

Quick to install and build to scale with you.

Our Energy and BAS Management system provides management teams with the systems and analytics required to execute and monitor sustainability initiatives across departments, faculties divisions and the overall enterprise.

Your non-technical employees will be able to plug and play the solution. Each device is labeled per the configuration form and all users are added to the site in advance of the installation. In addition, the device and report settngs are updated per the configuration form.

Manage Your Savings

Manufacturing and commercial facilities have widespread use of Lights, HVAC and Compressed Air, offering significant energy-saving potential. Replacing old equipment with modern ones may not be feasible when funds are limited. Our state-of-the-art Industrial Internet of Things platform retrofits existing facilities, extending the life of valuable energy assets & equipment. It offers a holistic Energy Management System, which is affordable and easy to use, replacing multiple point solutions.

The right resources at the right time

Sustainability-focused facility managers must go beyond managing energy consumption and also take into account equipment and raw materials to minimize waste. With our IoT solution, you can monitor machines, critical equipment, and material flow, enabling you to reduce non-energy waste and optimize resource efficiency.

We offer white glove service

Sit back and let us take care of the tedious rebate and loan applications. We will work with your team to get your company pre-approved for eligible CDAP's $15,000 grants and $100,0000 zero percent interest loans, as well as the provincial Save on Energy rebates. Learn more about these opportunities below.

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Save on Energy CDAP


Retrofit your facilities with an affordable Energy Management System. Check out the features available with our state of the art platform to help you save time, money and improve your workflow.

Remote Monitoring

Access and monitor sensors from anywhere with real-time device and alert status

Accessible and Usable Dashboards

Customer dashboards, KPIs, user management, and integrations


Device management, device history, and compliant with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

Sensor Maps & Indoor Asset Tracking

Layer sensor status on geographical maps with accurate location capabilties

Informative Alerts

Stay up to date with alerts and fully informed with in-app help


Schedule periodic reports that are secure and compliant for regulations and inspectors

What is the advantage?

Save time, resources and money.

Our state-of-the-art cloud software platform accommodates scalable integration into your whole enterprise. We provide this with:

  • Proven IEEE standard-based mesh network and reactive software architecture
  • Standard hardware interfaces that connect to existing equipment and APIs that allow 3rd party system integration
  • Energy insights and visualization to provide a unified view of energy related data across facilitates and department's
  • Energy cost and consumption reports that can be scheduled daily, weekly or monthly to key decision makers

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