Who We Are

We have a passionate team that embodies our Core Values of Inventiveness/Innovation, Adventurousness, Clarity, and Structure/Reliability.

Why Use Planit?

We have been in business for over twenty years for a reason.
We focus on our customers and delivering exactly what they need to be successful


Planit has been measuring buildings, professionally certifying areas and developing supporting technologies for all property types across North America since 1993. We are experts in all measuring industry standards and regularly publish articles and deliver presentations at industry forums on a variety of related topics and emerging trends.


Planit’s Building Surveyors can measure a building in less than half the time compared with traditional methods. Same-day delivery is provided for most properties. Our techniques are much less intrusive, allowing one measurer to tackle even the most complex properties rather than a team of technicians with traditional tools. These benefits translate into less hassle and improved service for you and your clients.


Planit has Professional Engineers and Architects on staff for our larger measuring projects and we hold a Certificate of Authorization from several Engineering Associations across North America to provide stamped Engineer’s Certificates to certify building areas.


Planit produces the highest quality digital drawings every time. We use laser measuring precision, minimal manual input and a variety of automated and on-site quality checks to ensure unparalleled accuracy. Our expertise in all relevant industry standards ensures that area calculations are professionally prepared and results are indisputable.


We are members of the US Institute of Building Documentation (USIBD), CanBIM, BOMA International, and the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC). Our patent pending MeasuringBoard® technology won the Innovative Product and Technology Award by the Toronto Construction Association and was recognized as the Innovative Product of the Year, 2004 by the National Research Council of Canada. Planit has partnered with organizations around the world to help further the technology and standards supporting building documentation.

The Management Team

Mike Laurie, P.Eng.


Mike has a Civil Engineering degree from the University of Waterloo and certification by the Association of Professional Engineers to perform commercial space audits. He started his career as a builder and founded Planit in 1993.

Albert Mansour, P.Eng

VP, Business Development

Albert has a Civil Engineering Degree with Options in Structural Engineering and Management Science from the University of Waterloo. He also holds an MBA from Wilfried Laurier University and is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).

Albert brings over a decade of Business Development leadership experience across several industries. He leads sales, marketing and business development at Planit and, supports Planit innovation projects.

Krista Nozack, B.A.

VP, Operations

For over 20 years, Krista has been involved with a wide range of real estate disciplines including electronic building data collection and management, property acquisitions, appraisals and insuring property valuations. Throughout her career, Krista has led the development of new technologies aimed at streamlining each of these processes and maximizing the value and accuracy of data.

Andra Woolley, B.A.

Director, Client Accounts

Andra brings a solid understanding of the real estate community and what it takes to be successful. Having spent many years in the home inspection industry, the measuring business is second nature. Andra is an accomplished RECO presenter and course creator, has a proven track record of introducing new and exciting products and is dedicated to meeting the needs of Planit’s clients.

Ilja Ferbers, B.A.Sc.

CAD / BIM Manager

A civil engineer with extensive, practical CAD experience gained at construction firms in Europe and Canada, Ilja now oversees Planit’s CAD and BIM standards and product quality. Ilja is spearheading a number of initiatives aimed at streamlining the development of as-built Building Information Models (BIM) including the integration of point cloud scanning,photogrammetry and hand-held laser measuring.

Vimal Lad

Field Operations Manager

Vimal is a BOMA Certified Measurement Professional through BOMA Calgary and has been helping Planit grow and streamline its field data collection services since 2002. Vimal is a key member of Planit’s Research and Project Management teams